Hi! I’m Landi and I love Christmas

One of my earliest memories of Christmas dates back to being a five-year-old girl, lying flat on my back in our 80s lounge and staring up at our Christmas tree. I spent what felt like hours gazing up into the magical forest above me, taking in each little ornament in this enchanting new world,  and granted that it may have been the result of the fiber optic tips taking full effect, but I was mesmerized! I had transcended my reality and entered into a magical town somewhere north of a pole. I love Christmas, the trees (another semi-under control obsession of mine, but more about that another time!) the lights, anything miniature to be honest, how my kids' faces light up at stories of the North Pole and Santa’s workshop and Mrs Claus's baking, of people being a little more kind and a little more generous that time of the year, what the earth must have felt like on the night of the Nativity... I really do love it all! 

Lucky Mistletoe is a tribute to this big love of mine, I have thoroughly enjoyed putting this collection together, sourcing items that have lovingly and painstakingly been made by the most skilled of artisans and designers, covering baubles in layers of paint, fabric, sequence, beads, cutting, glazing, racking my head in a fight with the creative process, making flops, starting over, and figuring it out. Thank you for taking a look, I hope you like what you see and I hope the magic of Christmas always finds you xx

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Introducing: The Lucky Mistletoe 2022 Christmas Gingerbread Tealight Houses

Introducing: The Lucky Mistletoe 2022 "Whimsical Woodland" 18pc Collector's Box

  • Details from the Lucky Mistletoe Gingerbread Tealight House Collection

  • Details from the Blues and Greens Luxury Christmas Box Set

  • Close up of the Limited Edition 2022 Collector' Box, "Whimsical Woodland"

  • Close up: Winter Wonderland Collector's Box set 2022

  • Snow globe moments captured in the limited edition "Winter Wonderland Collector's Box Set"